Allison Turner

Posted on April 14, 2021 by -

We heard so many wonderful things about this company and wanted someone who would help our oldest son learn to drive in the busy Georgia traffic. We are from a small town in Mississippi with many many stop signs and a ton fewer cars and rules as far as brand new drivers go. This class was a lifesaver for us. Our son was able to complete the course, the instructors made it easy for him to understand the material and he came home teaching us about Georgia laws for new drivers. He took the driving courses as well. The instructors were always on time and if they were early they always called to see if that would work for us…they were never late. My son took his drivers test with them as well. First stop really made it a breeze for us in teaching, preparing, and licensing our first driver. #2 will be headed your way very soon…this class gives peace of mind to parents! Worth every penny!