Elizabeth H., August 2014

I took my road test today for the first time and successfully passed it with a 96! My examiner said that both of the times I parked (two point turn and parallel), I did very well. I can’t thank Ms. Nancy enough for her guidance and patience. My parents were very concerned about me driving and now that I have taken the test and taken behind-the-wheel training with Ms. Nancy, they are more confident. Personally, I also feel more confident about driving. I feel better equipped with knowledge to safely drive on the roads. I have even decided to show my parents how I was taught to park (even though they have been driving for a long time) just because I believe the parking method I learned from Ms. Nancy is better and safer. I have recommended this place to all of my friends and to my mother’s friend who has a daughter who will be beginning to drive in the next couple of years. Thank you for teaching me some truly valuable skills that I will use as a safe driver.

Julie E., December 2013

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Nancy. What a great service you are providing not only for the new teen drivers in the area, but for the ever-increasing population on the highways.

Meredith, August 2013

Best Driver’s Ed program around! My daughter had one of the highest scores in weeks when she tested lasted year. She had just come off a lesson with 1st Stop Georgia! She’s an awesome driver now also!

Anna, June 2011

I really liked the Instructor, she was nice and made it fun for me to learn. I like how she let us come up with skits and perform them in front of the class to better understand the driving process.