30 Hour Classroom Training + 6 Hour Behind the Wheel Training


Our 30 hour classroom instruction and 6 hour behind-the-wheel combo is the best way to fulfill the requirements of “Joshua’s Law”. It combines the classroom instruction and in car training at a discounted rate.

The 30 hour classroom instruction is done in 4 days from 8:00am – 4:00pm and the 6 hours behind the wheel is done in 3 separate days in 2 hour sessions. The driving time is not during classroom instruction time. If time is available it may be done prior to taking the classroom instruction or after they have completed the class. The driving times must be scheduled on the phone once you have placed an order.

Our classroom instruction is fun, exciting, and interactive. Students learn critical skills to make their driving experiences much safer. Each student must complete this training prior to obtaining a Class D license in the State of Georgia.

The 6 hour behind-the-wheel training allows students to forgo the parent teen guide and gives them the best one-on-one training to prepare them for the open road. The first session concentrates on in-town work such as yielding the right-of-way, lane changes, and more. The second lesson focuses on interstate work and more in-town skills. The third session will prepare students for the upcoming road skills test.

Road Skills Testing, also known as the Third Party Testing Program is a program in which the Department of Driver Services (DDS) authorizes certified driver training schools and instructors to administer the road skills tests to individuals that have completed a 30 and 6 driver education course at the driver training school.

Once you have registered for this package, we will contact you to schedule the drives.

There will be a $50 fee for late cancellation/no shows within 24 hours for lessons and the test. This includes coming to the road test without proper documentation, resulting in rescheduling the test.

*The certificate of completion will be issued no earlier than 48 hours after the course is completed unless prior notice has been given that it is needed sooner.